The company was invited to participate in the ninth Annual Meeting of China home appliance marketing, and won two awards!

2023-08-09 09:18:53 直白管理员 52

In November 2019, the company was invited to attend the 9th Annual China Home Appliance Marketing Conference, which is also the award ceremony of China Home Appliance Rock Award.

This rock award for manufacturers, products, dealers three categories of groups, a total of ten awards were selected such as rock solid, channel value, market reputation, market pioneer, excellent quality, service benchmark and so on.

Among them, our company won the market pioneer, ZHIBAI high-speed hair dryer won the market reputation award, one stroke won two honors! Make ZHIBAI in the domestic home appliance industry in the word of mouth and reputation can be more in-depth spread.


This not only shows the domestic household appliance peers' praise and praise for the ZHIBAI brand, but also once again confirms the strength of the ZHIBAI brand.