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As the parent company of ZHIBAI, Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology Co., LTD, founded in 2017, is a five-in-one national high-tech enterprise integrating "Design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and technical service".

It has passed the quality system certification, applied for more than 100 patents and has a 20,000 square meters of modern manufacturing plant. To provide users with scientific and technological innovation, high-quality, high appearance level of home appliances

ZHIBAI, the leader of science and technology hair care, maintains maintenance > repair. It is committed to improving the hair ecological problems faced by modern women. With the design of a new generation of individuality aesthetic, create a new era of cute, cool and play!



Core founding team and R&D team

It is composed of professionals from Joyoung, Midea, Philips, Panasonic and other first-tier home appliance enterprises. With an average of more than 10 years of experience in the industry

 with independent research and development strength and rich industry experience

The total number of patents granted is 373

create personal care esthetics with artist style

won the international design industry Oscar Grand Slam

The trendsetter attitude is born for cool girls


ZHIBAI, technology nourishes trendsetters

Focusing on the field of female hair care, with cutting-edge hair care technology, innovative product design, extraordinary personality brand attitude, to provide young women with professional hair care experience. 



In May 2017, the company was established, the brand was born.

In December 2018, created the hot-selling item negative ion hair dryer HL312 which is with good looking, monthly sales over 10,000 pcs.

In July 2019, created the first high-speed hair dryer in China. the initial crowd funding reached 10 million +

In December 2019, it topped the three major global design awards .

ln December 2020, in cooperation with top stylist artist Dongtian Li, the salon version of hair dryer HL907 was launched.

In October 2020,China's first air-styling curling iron VL6 created.

In November 2020, high-speed hair dryer HL906 hit 11.11, ranking Top 1 category.

In January 2021, in cooperation with the top technology lP China Aerospace . Space Creation, the intelligent high-speed hair dryer HL908 was launched.

In March 2021, the Wind styling curling iron VL6 was popular on Women’s Day, honored the domestic high-end curling wand industry Top1.

2021 August, cooperate with the top cartoon IP LNEFRIENDS, launched water lon hair dryer HL610.

In March 2022, Innovated shape design, launched 1-shape hair dryer, ZHIBAI high-speed water ion hair dryer HLX1.

In March 2023, innovated style design, launched vintage style hair dryer, ZHIBAI double ion high-speed hair dryer S1.



ZHIBAI need talented you

ZHIBAI values the growth and improvement of every employee 

Pay attention to the staff for a variety of training and potential stimulation

ZHIBAI committed to providing you with a development platform that is both growing and wonderful and challenging and warm.

If you are passionate about your work, you have a clear mind and a detailed understanding

Share our vision, mission and values, and willing to work with us.

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