ZHIBAI three-layer hydrating hair dryer, which won the German Red Dot Design Award, went online

2023-08-08 15:55:16 803

In May 2019, ZHIBAI three-layer hydrating hair dryer went online!It is specially designed for frizzy and dry hair, which is for hair moisturizing.

HL510 is a hair dryer that can replenish water for hair. It adopts the water ion hair care technology and innovative three-ring air vent design, bringing three layers of water moistening air and three independent air channels, respectively blowing water ion, hot & cold air and cold air, to jointly care hair and create deep moisture from the hair tip to the scalp.


The overall design is high-end, the body is exquisite, the surface layer is sprayed with anti-fouling feel paint, the touch is smooth and exquisite, anti-fouling and anti-scratching.


Because of its extremely creative and innovative design, won the design known as the "Oscar" said the German red dot design Award.This is a remarkable milestone for ZHIBAI brand in brand image construction.